Zero To One RECAP

Many people said that this is one of the best book for people who want to found startup company. Here are some bullet points what i like after reading this.

  • The world could be the better place only by technology implementation.
  • Startup is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a different future. (Smallest as possible, keep it lean!)
  • Stay lean and flexible.
  • Real happy company won’t say they are happy. If they are monopoly, they will tell you that they aren’t.
  • Great business is defined by its ability to generate cashflow in the future. (Times VS Twitter)
  • 10x improvement is a standard rate for the good idea that’s going to work in the market.
  • Character of monopoly are 1. Proprietary Technology, 2. Network Effect, 3. Economic of Scale, 4. Branding
  • To start, start small — facebook start only focus in Harvard University in the first place. Then, just scale it up.
  • Don’t disrupt, don’t create competitors.
  • Chapter 11 is my most favourite. They said that everyone is a saleman. We have to sell & pitched something to others.
  • Customer life time value (CLV) must be greater than Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Man and Machine are complementary. We have to work together to build something disrupt!
  • 7 Questions you need to be asked when come up with the idea are 1. Technology, 2. Timing, 3. Monopoly, 4. Team, 5. Distribution, 6. Durability and 7. Secrets
  • Founders are all have extremely (bad/good) personality.

Share something if you have any idea about this book ^^. I would love to hear from you.

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