Test Management Tools

References https://www.practitest.com/test-management-tools/ https://www.practitest.com/testrail-vs-zephyr/ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DEj0hTH8NKibMtuuI75SGwzt0OP-_RACEx75G9BOeTw/edit?fbclid=IwAR09Rk4GiI1_iOxYI9PFlVoOoGq1lSRHw7yDx9o3oqsiEzimUB8xsUuGLSc#gid=0 10:08 : Adding Test Case To link test result back to Test Management Tools, we should call API after test run Example API: https://www.gurock.com/testrail/docs/api/reference/results/#addresult

What’s software feature

Overview To understand bug, implement a test, measure test coverage. It’s quite important to know that those are belong to which Feature. But what is definition of Feature ? Definition  Click here to expand… Product Definition An entity that work isolate by a group of feature on its own You can have multiple product in […]

Why BDD: Behavioral Driven Development

There are 2 main types of bugs Regression Bugs: A type of software bug ​where a feature that has worked before stops working New Feature Bugs: An incompleteness, unexpected behavior of new feature Example   Car’s Feature​ – Drive point A to point B​ – Able to brake / lower speed​ – Able to turn left or right​ – […]